Research Focus Areas


An unrivaled assemblage of laboratories provides a fertile ground for addressing interdisciplinary challenges in hypersonics.

Wind Tunnels

The university is home to wind tunnels spanning from Mach 0 to 5, with a scale suitable for test and evaluation (T&E). Classified research capability.

Computation Field Dynamics Laboratories

These labs develop and employ novel CFD codes for hypersonic vehicle simulations. This includes boundary-layer transition, nonequilibrium flows, combustion, turbulence modeling, plasma flows, material response, kinetics and rarefied gas.

Materials for Extreme Environments

The school develops and manufactures novel ceramic materials for extreme environments, including high-temp RF windows and leading edges.

CyVerse Data Centers

Funded by a $120M grant from the NSF, CyVerse provides scientists and engineers with powerful computational infrastructure to handle massive datasets and complex analyses.

Applied Research Corporation

The university works with government agencies and corporations to deliver superior high-tech products, services and solutions for national security. Expertise in classified research ensures the absolute protection of partners’ key interests and sensitive information.